Energetic rhythms and captivating melody , Jacobs Green brews bona fide homegrown music. Blues singer/songwriter with a twist, Jacob Green , becomes an 'OneManBand', Stomp Box under foot, harmonica upon neck, strumming instruments tirelessly touring the country. Whether Green plays guitar, banjo, dobro, or mandolin, he forms rhythm, percussion, and lead simultaneously transforming into the “OneManGreenBand”. Green’s harvests a resonance of the modern day gypsy, awakening original roots and blues folk songs . The once “down-trodden” old-fashioned blues lyrics to positive riffs of change. His versatile homegrown, organic, original songs bring a fresh approach to old-school roots and blues folk music.

He began to lead bands, such as “Green n’ the Grit”(2008), a rock n’ blues band, “Infinite Nature”(2009), featuring tones of hip hop and reggae groove, to “River Water Tribe”(2010 - 2012), a gypsy-grass band with a punk influence . Playing in bands or solo, Green continuously writes and records new material from a rambler’s point of view, bringing a newfound narrative of “go green” and respect one another are lively notes from Green’s highway, byway, back road blues.
Also known as the "One Man Troubadour", Jacob Green, as a solo artist has played 130+ shows a year for the past 5 years(2013 - 2017) across the country, playing 40 states total. Now Green resides in the Green Mountain State of Vermont.

On The Side..

Jacob Green's Side Projects:

  Green and The Grit started back in early 2008 in Beloit, WI with sounds of Punk Rock Roots & undertones of Dirty Blues songs to ultimately becoming a diversified Jammin' Rock Band. Jacob Green had been playing solo for just about a year in late 2007, when he teamed up with the Beloit Local Acoustic Band: Statutory Rock, alone, both acts were acoustic, together, they became electric and added only more edge to old Jacob Green E.P.'s and the band also released their own "Greenhouse" E.P. back in late 2008, but copies cease to exist. Later in 2009, they replace their originally drummer with Billy Dreamer's front man: Josh Varichak, and to this day they will still reunite to rock a couple shows when ever Green's in town. Green and The Grit is in the process of recording their debut album, check out their facebook page here:      

  After a temporary break up of The Grit in  late spring of 2010, Jacob Green toured solo to Colorado. There he met Tony Campbell and together they jammed acoutisc tribal songs in the mountains and busked with other street musicians on Pearl Street. Green & Tony then returned to Wisconsin, there Dom McGoy was itching to jam on his fiddle. By late Aug. of 2010, the River Water Tribe had started, first as a trio to ultimately having numerous different band members, up to as many 14-16 total random Milwaukee Musicians joining to quitting to re-joining the group. By late 2012, The Tribe went on hiatus & Jacob Green pursued his One Man Band solo act. Today, the tribe still reunites in Milwaukee to play shows, now including original & new band members: Jacob Green - Vocals & Gutiar, Tony Campbell(R.I.P.) - Washboard, Mark Wesling -Drums, Grizzly Peirce - Washboard, Angela Martin - Violin, Dom McGoy - Violin & Josh Varichak on Bass. Although they havne't recorded since early 2012, they currently have released 2 Albums & 1 Live Album, consisting of Roots Blues, Bluesgrass & Gypsy Folk. Check out The Tribe here:


   In the Summer of 2013, Jacob Green had returned to his hometown of Beloit, WI after touring the country for 2 years solid. Instead of letting the summer waste away with Old Home Town memories, he decided to get a jam session going. Adam Nash, a true union man and a Folk Singer at heart first came over to jam on his harmonica, banjo & his soulful deep voice. Later Randy, a classic singer/songwriter, a sort of Beloit 'Folk Legend' joined Green & Nash on their smokey sessions. Togther, they formed the band : Old Folk Soul, which not only decribed their sound but also was one of their popular songs and was also the title of their debut album. They play shows in Beloit on ocassion but primarily enjoy working on recordings, which as a group they have released 2 ablums & 1 E.P. They're also featured on Jacob Green's Single: "Sleepin' in the rain" (2017) 


In Jan. of 2014, Jacob Green moved to Sonoma County, California to pursue his music on the West Coast. By the end of the year he had been jammin' with various musicians in the local scene. So in the summer of 2015, Green decided to form a Offiicial Northern California Band featuring Kamesh on Flute,  Terry Ann Gilette on Violin, Briar Hood on Saxophone, Nate on Bass & also George Soul on Keyboards. Although Jacob does not live on the West Coast any longer, he still reunites with as many of 2- all of 5 of the "Friends" Band whenever he tours in the area.