March Against Monsanto

In May of 2013, Jacob Green wrote the official song for the March Against Monsanto movement. His song "The March" was played all over the world at marches on May 23, 2013. Jacob Also been able to perform at March Protests in Knoxville, TN(2013), Duluth, MN (late 2013), San Francisco, CA (2014), Santa Rosa, CA(2015) & Denver, CO (2016)

"The March" Music Video

When purchasing Jacob Green's album : "The March" (2015) 50% of proceeds are donated to Non-GMO Companies.

Helping to spread the message of what's sacred & standing up for land rights, Jacob Green compiled a Music Video for the Standing Rock Pipeline Protest #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #standwithstandinrock

"Leace my soul behind" Music Video

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